We are a group of human trafficking survivors united in ending exploitation for marginalized identities. Providing essential trainings and consultations for government agencies and social service providers seeking to improve their interface with marginalized identities experiencing exploitation.

The training went far beyond emotional testimonials and went deep into real world ways to improve the way I operate as a professional with in law enforcement. —┬ánot until after I attended the aforementioned trainings that I was contacted independently by three of the folks the day following the operation.

Natalie A. Mays HT Specialist for Kitsap County Prosecutors Office


“Erik Gray is a passionate advocate for the rights and well-being of trafficking survivors, youth at risk, and communities on the margins. His perspective as a survivor and advocate is unique and important in this movement to end trafficking and exploitation.”

Joanne Alcantra Executive Director for API Chaya

“Visionary in how to do effective anti-trafficking work. He brings years of experience supporting and learning from survivors, as well as drive and passion that makes him a force in doing this work. He is a strong listener, inclusive of diverse viewpoints and perspectives, and can help guide teams to accomplish their goals.”

Robert Beiser Executive Director for Seattle Against Slavery

Service Providers Trained

Hospital staff, law enforcement, social workers, volunteers, shelter staff, case managers

Thousand Dollars Raised

Keynote speech integrating story telling with social justice to fundraise for non profit

Organizations Trained

Law enforcement, health care, and social services providers