Every day as advocates we see survivors of human trafficking discriminated against and/or pushed out of services. Often times, education is a simple and practical solution to the disparaging effects of marginalization many survivors face.


Coming alongside social services, emergency services, and the justice system to Integrate HT, LGBTQ2IA+, and trauma-informed care throughout service delivery by providing access to lived experiences from marginalized individuals.


One day wake up to a world where humans experiencing exploitation will be able to confidently access services free of criminalization, violence, and discrimination. All members of our community will be able to access emergency services, social services, and the justice system equitably.

Our Family

Erik Gray

Co-Founder & Trainer

Erik is an artist, founding partner of Queers Uniting to End Exploitation, national speaker, human trafficking survivor expert, and community leader in Seattle, WA. He seeks to revolutionize the systems that sought to serve him but failed. Erik has been a community organizer and activist – centering HIV prevention/care and anti-oppression work for the past decade in the Seattle area. Today, Erik takes focus in anti-trafficking and sex work movements. Within these movements, he most recently championed gender and LGBTQ2IA+ inclusion for CSE (commercial sexual exploitation) services in King county through his work at REST (Real Escape from the Sex Trade). Previously, he launched a shelter focused on serving youth of color with YouthCare. He is the first male survivor advocate in Seattle, WA intentionally serving survivors of all genders. He has also served on the Kitsap County Human Rights Commission, as Student President of Olympic College, on multiple Diversity Advisory Boards and Bailey-Boushay HIV/AIDS hospice. Erik continues his dedication to public service through the City of Seattle Human Rights Commission Human Trafficking Taskforce Chair, and with the Seattle Metropolitan Elections Commission (SEAMEC) Steering Committee.

Jackie Loos

Co-Founder & Trainer

Jackie a social justice advocate with individual lived experiences in human trafficking based in the Seattle area focusing on commercially sexually exploited individuals. Founding partner of Queers Uniting to End Exploitation Jackie provides essential and unique perspectives through trainings and consultations for those interested in broadening their response to those with lived experience. A member of the National Survivor Network and an Ambassador for GEMS (Girl Educational & Mentoring Services) Jackie is dedicated to making a change in society’s unconscious biases to the taboo topic of Human Trafficking.

Serving as the Community Advocate Supervisor for REST (Real Escape from the Sex Trade)  Jackie oversee’s Case Management, Drop in and Outreach teams. Jackie had previously coordinated the crisis response for REST as the Outreach Coordinator. Connecting new clients local and in need or in crisis  to essential services. Through the piloting of “Freedom Signal’s project intercept,” a victim outreach Jackie has been able to collaborate in the creation of the platform being used by agency providers throughout the United States. As a survivor herself, she understands the necessity to meeting people where they are at and walking alongside them through the journey into a world of unknowns and helps navigate the systems currently set in place.