How we work

A different way of organizing

Individualized care model emboldening access to internal wellness through communal storytelling. Facilitating creation of safer space for marginalized identities. Giving way for untold stories to occupy space and be addressed. Incorporating foundations of healing in creative expression through the arts.

Our Model

We care about the survivors outcomes and their wellness because we are the survivors. We bring a powerhouse representation of authenticity by utilizing our personal strengths from our own experiences of human trafficking pushing boundaries with grace.

Trauma Informed Care

Having been homeless and domestically trafficked ourselves we understand the need for individualized care within systems. We have created a model of trauma informed care that provides greater care towards a survivors physical and emotional well being.

Policy Work

Serving as the National Survivor Networks Policy Champion and the city of Seattle’s Human Rights Commissions Human Trafficking Task Force Chair Erik provides an abundance of leadership in policy work. Serving to keep QUEE trainings relevant, survivor informed, and practically implemented.

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We are incredibly responsive to your requests and value your questions.

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From small group facilitations, one time trainings, and keynotes we have experience and success in impacting those individuals looking to learn more about human trafficking.